Teach your students all about film!

This curriculum covers all eras, all genres, a wide range of aspects of every film, a thorough understanding of terms used in the professional film industry.
This curriculum can be done
on a one-to-one basis,
in a group of students,
or in a classroom setting.

Worth one High School Semester Credit.

Each film has several key features studied.

Each film is studied for its use of narrative structure, cinematography, editing, and more.

Additionally, every character's desires, conflicts, growth, and more are studied and reviewed.

Our Goal

The goal of this program is not only for the student to learn aspects of films, film making, and techniques, but for the student to also learn to watch movies with more awareness, to truly appreciate more about the films they see, and to enjoy them on entirely new levels!

Here's what people are saying

Great class! Fun learning! My kids and I now view all movies we see differently from all that we learned. A lot of what is learned is also applicable to literature classes.

~ Dawn Chandler-Holtz, January 2015

Great fun!
We used this as a high school homeschool elective.
The students really learned a lot. They are able to understand, analyze and appreciate the details of filmmaking ,movie genres and character development. This course is easy to adapt to your personal scheduling needs.

~ N. Johnston, January 2015

This film studies program was not only great fun, but very insightful. It was awesome to watch the different genres and think about them in a different way from just sitting down to watch a movie like usual. The paperwork wasn’t bad at all, and when you knew the questions before the movie, you actually found yourself looking for them throughout the movie, and getting really excited when you recognized something! You found that you really appreciated a movie more after seeing the details that were put into it. This would be an educational and fun addition to your school curriculum!

~ G, April 2015

We used this curriculum for a high school elective, but it was also a social activity, as the study questions bloomed into some interesting and enlightening discussions for the teens, as well as their parents. The materials are clear and well-organized and very detailed, and will assist your child in looking deeper into movie genres and really thinking about what they're seeing, in addition to being entertained. Can be used in small groups or with your own family. Highly recommended.

~ Becky Richey, January 2015


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